This Workshop offers a well mixture of traditional and modern techniques, science and experimental based practices and a holistic approach to human movement from an anatomical, functional and somatic perspective.
Expect exercises, routines and principles for improving your body awareness, increasing strength and flexibility and learning skills from practices such as Natural Movement, Yoga and Floorwork.
This workshop is for you either if you want to increase and control your range of motion, strengthen your muscles, release tension, improve sports/arts performance, learn new skills, challenge yourself, expand your repertoire or just obtain a general well-being.
Come and develop your movement practice with like minded individuals in an atmosphere of learning, play and practice.

The topics we are going to cover throughout the weekend are based on 3 main subjects.

This module is a collection of key exercises and routines for every major joint in the human body such as Spine, Shoulders, Hips, Neck, Wrists, Elbows, Knees, Ankles, Fingers and Toes. Our approach is based on Anatomy: the connection between bones, muscles and fascia as well as modern scientific and experimental methods to prepare, rehab, mobilize, stabilize and strengthen the body for movement over short and longer periods of time.

Our focus will be on expanding the Map of the Movements and Patterns we can do from a small scale (joints, isolation) to a big scale (compound movement patterns). Our goal will be to experience the freedom of movement in space. This includes increasing our possibilities and improving our relationship with the floor and gravity by exploring basic movement patterns such as crawling, squatting, rolling or twisting. We will learn skills inspired by diverse practices such as Floorwork, Yoga and Natural Movement.

This section is an Awareness centered practice, where we borrow techniques and exercises from different fields such as Yoga, Feldenkrais and simple Partnering Work to explore with curiosity the frontier between mind and body. We will improve learning processes by using simple tasks and objects to develop an organic, smart and adaptable body/mind. * If you want to participate and have a major injury or pain, we encourage you to check with your health provider and email us before signing in.

About The Teachers:
Franco is a nomad traveller, student and teacher. As a full time Movement Practitioner, he shares his practice in classes, workshops, festivals, retreats, residencies and events all over the world.
He likes to encourage a balance between technique and playfulness, discipline and exploration as well as quality, longevity and safety. He takes his experience for over 9 years in acrobatics, parkour, yoga, dance, massage and broad movement research to provide a platform for solo and group learning and sharing.

Susanne Fabel (Germany)
With her love for movement Susanne discovered over 13 years ago Ashtanga Yoga and sport climbing, followed by several yoga teacher trainings with international teachers in different yoga styles. Susanne is a certified AcroYoga teacher (AcroYoga International) and an experienced bodyworker and Thai Massage practitioner.
Her personal movement practice and thinking is shaped by Yoga, Acroyoga, climbing, Thai Massage, Natural Movement... and the idea to keep on learning and to integrate new movement experiences.
Susanne shares her knowledge in workshops, courses, festivals and retreats in Germany and internationally.
She likes creating a space of trust and support in her classes, where students can discover their potential and grow beyond their boundaries.

Normal Price: 160 euro
Early Bird 31st of August: 145 euro

21.09 / 12:00-18:00
22.09 / 10:00-16:00

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